June 4, 2009


Bezan Tables Motion to Uphold Integrity of the Immigration and Refugee
Protection Act

OTTAWA – On April 20, 2009 James Bezan, Member of Parliament for
Selkirk-Interlake tabled a Private Members motion in the House of
Commons calling upon the government to uphold the integrity of the
Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

M-356 asks the government to take necessary steps to refuse entry to
Canada to people who have engaged in, or been a member of a group that
has engaged in acts of espionage, subversion, terrorism, genocide, or
crimes against humanity. It also calls on the government to
denaturalize and deport those who have obtained Canadian citizenship
under false pretences and to enforce removal orders against all
persons who are inadmissible to Canada.

“The people of Canada have always taken strong positions denouncing
and combating crimes against humanity.  Canada has always stood on
solid ground opposing the Holocaust in Germany, the Holodomor in
Ukraine, the Armenian and Rwandan genocides, and we have been actively
engaged in the war on terrorism,” Bezan said.  “Why would we allow
people who have been involved in these crimes to come to Canada?”

This week, a Federal Court Judge refused an appeal of a deportation
order for an ex-KGB agent that has been in Canada for the last 12
years, admitted on a student visa. Bezan believes that the Department
of Citizenship and Immigration and the court have made sound decisions
in this case in accordance with existing legislation.

“Canada should not be a safe haven for terrorists or former members of
any communist state's secret police forces,” Bezan stated. “People
that have been members of organizations such as the KGB, Gestapo, Al
Qaeda, or the Taliban do not meet the requirements for entry to Canada
under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  If they have
entered Canada, then they should be deported,” said Bezan.


For more information, please contact:

Office of James Bezan, MP

Phone: 613-992-2032

E-mail: media@jamesbezan.com

M-356 — April 20, 2009 — Mr. Bezan (Selkirk—Interlake) — That, in the
opinion of the House, in order to ensure that Canada is not a safe
haven for any individual who has engaged in or been a member of an
organization where reasonable grounds exist to believe have engaged in
an act of espionage or an act of subversion against a democratic
government, institution, process or committed terrorism or genocide or
crimes against humanity, as they are understood in Canada, the
government should take all necessary steps to: (a) allow visa entry
only to persons that meet the requirements of the Immigration and
Refugee Protection Act and Regulations; (b) denaturalize and deport
all persons who have obtained citizenship, permanent residence or
refugee status by means of false pretences or the concealment of
material facts; and (c) enforce removal orders against all persons who
are inadmissible to Canada and not in possession of a valid Temporary
Residence Permit.

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