Who we are

The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation (UCCLF) is an educational organization dedicated to advancing knowledge among Canadians and the world community about civil liberties issues affecting Ukrainian Canadians – those of an historic nature and contemporary ones.

What we do

We focus primarily on the causes and consequences of genocide, mass murder, and other atrocities of human populations, civil societies and political systems, as well as the need for vigilance in safeguarding human rights and civil liberties in times of international or domestic crises.

Our Goal

We make it our goal to help students conduct research, provoke debate and disseminate information.

The UCCLF is unique among civil libertarian organizations in Canada, for both its focus on Ukrainian Canadian topics, and for its support of young people regardless of ethnic background. Since 2008, the UCCLF has awarded scholarships to high school and undergradute students across Canada.

Applicants are encouraged to research and write on various civil liberties topics, and winners are chosen based on their writing, research, and creativity. For more information on scholarships, please click here.

In addition, we have helped publish or distribute books, films, documentaries and other literature that provide children, parents, students, and others with resources on issues ranging from historical injustices, to war criminals and war crimes, to international justice.